September 13, 2010

Aquadoodle Draw & Doodle Mat - Elmo


Aquadoodle Draw & Doodle Mat - Elmo
  • Measurement: 80cm diameter
  • Includes: 1 doodle mat, 1 magic water pen

- The activity toy that provides children with hours of magical doodle fun.
- Use only water and can be used to doodle over and over. That's it, no ink, no paint, no washing!

How to Play:
1. The Aquadoodle mat has a white surface on which kids doodle with a Magic Pen filled with water.
2. The doodling appears and within less a minute, dries up and disappears from the surface, leaving no mess to wipe or clean!

Kids can use and reuse the mat over and over again.
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