March 25, 2009

Nissen Leg/Hand Warmers

Nissen Leg/Hand Warmers are perfect for your little ones. Its great for:
  • quick & easy diaper changes
  • protecting little knees and legs of tots who are learning to crawl and walk
  • effortless potty training
  • filling in the gaps of pant legs that ride up when baby is in a sling or carrier in cool weather, keeping arms and legs cozy and warm
  • fast, simple protection from the sun and cool, air-conditioned rooms
  • add whimsy to dance class and costumes
Price: RM18.00 per pair
Product Code: L0009 (AVAILABLE - C, F, G) (SOLD OUT - A, B, D, E, H, I)

Leg/Hand Warmers Special Offer:
If you purchase 2 pairs (or more), you only pay RM16.00 per pair
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