August 31, 2009

Bape Multipurpose Stylish Bib/Bandana

Bape Multipurpose Stylish Bib/Bandana is a signature product recommended by major fashion magazines.

It can be a cool head wrap, stylish hair band, funky bib, pretty neck scarf or even as a decor wrist band too. Get this cool multipurpose band for your little ones for any occasion at any style you wish.

1 size fits all

Available Designs:
A - Monkey (White)
B - Mickey Mouse (White) SOLD OUT
C - Bear (Blue)
D - Bear (White) SOLD OUT
E - Hearts (Pink)
F - Hello Kitty (Pink)
G - Mickey (Colorful) SOLD OUT
H - Bear (Pink)

Price: RM13.90
Product Code: A0031
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