May 06, 2009

Giant VeggieTales Soft Pillow Book


With the Giant VeggieTales Soft Pillow Book, there is no need to choose between a book or a pillow for those loooong holiday trips. Our giant pillow book is two in one!

Soft pages tell the Western tale of Cowboy Larry's adventures in The Good, the Bad, and the Silly. It's a silly tale with a serious message -- Trust in God and do what's right, even when others around you are doing what's wrong! In other words - follow God, don't follow the herd!

When the story telling's done, soft velcro latches hold the book shut tight when it's nap time!

This pillow book contains 10 full color pages, size 57cm x 32cm x 17cm (just like our pillow size!).
  • Great for sleepovers, naptime & travelling!!
  • Its a plush & comfy pillow with an entire classic storybook
  • Made of soft polyester fabric, with fiber filling inside
  • Pages are in 3 layers each (10 pages), middle layer supported with pvc to avoid pages out of shape
  • Machine washable
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